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         If you haven’t done a lot of research about local wedding videographers in your area, you would need to know what type of style of video best fits your interest on your biggest day of your lives. Some videographers generally have the same style with how they film and edit their wedding videos. For me I take a different approach then the usual vendor. My style shows everything you would like to see in a wedding video. I do not miss anything on your wedding day. If you spent extra time and detail planning on anything I am sure to capture it and include it in the video. I show a lot of emotion and energy in my videos. I show much more than the average wedding videographer from start to finish. The one thing that I always thought that is worth considering is that some wedding videographers do not give their RAW footage to their clients after the wedding video is completed. I would want all of my clients to see their entire day unedited as well. For my top packages I walk away from a wedding with roughly five to six hours of total footage of the entire day. This is usually normal for me as it can take a lot of different clips to make the video come out the way it needs to be to meet your demand. I bring something to the table that most videographers do not do. I edit all of the RAW footage in chronological order. From getting ready, down to the last song of the night. I always let my clients pick their own songs for their wedding video. Music is always key to making the perfect memorable product that is timeless. Most videographers are not as flexible with music in their clients wedding video. A lot of videographers do not allow their clients to choose their own songs because it might not fit with the videographer’s style of filming and editing. I do not send out my clips to be edited. I edit the entire video myself.

       If you like my work you need to contact me and secure your date a good nine months to a year prior to your wedding. This to insure that you have a better chance of booking me to film your wedding day.

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